10 Things to Do Before Your Next Performance Review

Make the most of your face-time with the boss so you can get ahead at work.

Any statement that starts with the words “you,” “he” or “she” is going to come across as aggressive. Soften the delivery by starting your concern with words “I,” “when” or “it seems.”

Go ahead and bring up your concerns, but do so gently and tactfully. This is your boss, after all.

8. Make the most of self-appraisal forms

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Before your performance review, you might be asked to fill out a self-appraisal form. If your company doesn’t provide a face-to-face meeting with the boss, this appraisal is your only chance to make a case for why you’re a great employee. Make the most of it.

Within a self-appraisal, you can usually include many of the things we’ve discussed above, such as accomplishments and goals. However, if you need some more guidance, of how to fill out your appraisal.

9. Research salary data

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If your performance review includes a discussion of compensation, you want to be armed with facts before stepping foot in the boss’s office. You can find salary data for comparable jobs on these websites:

Find out how your income stacks up against the industry averages. Also, don’t forget to factor in any continuing education you’ve completed or credentials you might hold. Both can improve your case for a higher income.

10. Keep a positive attitude

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Keep a positive attitude through the entire process. Grumbling about the review just makes you miserable in the weeks preceding the meeting. It might also sour your presentation in front of the boss. Shift your thinking to focus on the review as a chance to highlight your best work.

Let us know your strategies for surviving performance reviews. Share them by commenting below or on .

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