10 Tips to Land an Awesome Job When You’re Over 50

Finding a job in your 50s or 60s isn't hopeless. Here are ways to leverage your experience, overcome age bias and land the job you deserve.

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No one really wants to spend their time job hunting when they should be heading down the home stretch for retirement. And yet, for reasons ranging from pink slips to wanderlust, plenty of 50- workers find themselves sending out resumes.

Unfortunately, looking for employment at this age can leave you feeling somewhere between discouraged and hopeless. It doesn’t need to be that way. Indeed, are going so far as to use the word “hot” to describe the job market for older Americans.

While that last point may be up for debate, we’ve got some tips to help you overcome employer objections to your age. Read on for pointers on landing an awesome job even if you’ve passed the half-century mark.

1. Update your tech skills

If there’s one thing that seems to separate older workers from their younger competition, it’s their tech skills — or lack thereof.

While a hiring manager may automatically assume a 20-something job candidate knows their way around a computer and the Internet, they may assume the opposite of an older applicant. Prove them wrong by getting some tech training before beginning your job search so you can confidently say you’re able to use whatever programs and applications are required by the position.

2. Get yourself online

While you’re updating your tech skills, take some time to create an online presence. Today’s HR departments may be more likely to plug your name into a search engine than call your references.

And what will they find when they do that? Crickets? Or worse, that angry letter to you sent to the newspaper and nothing else?

You need to take charge of your online presence by, at the very least, creating a LinkedIn profile. This will serve as your online resume, and you’ll want to fill it with a professional photo and details about your work experience.


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