9 Ways to Lose Weight and Pay Off Debt at the Same Time

You don't have to choose between losing weight and getting rid of debt. Here are a few ideas on how to shed both at the same time.

7. Take the stairs

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Once you get to work, avoid the elevator and take the stairs as often as you can. You can make it a game for yourself, seeing how far you can get into your day before you take the elevator for the first time.

Climbing stairs is a great cardio workout — and one that you can do at work or at home without needing to own or rent one of those expensive step machines.

8. Plan your meals

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To succeed at both losing weight and saving money, plan out what you’re going to eat.

If you know in advance what you’re going to eat, you’ll be less tempted to give in to pastries on coffee breaks.

9. Make some time to play

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Friends, kids or pets are often more fun than even the most entertaining book or movie.

Plan some activity that involves family hikes, long dog walks or just a round of Frisbee tossing at the local park.

You will feel more energized by these activities than if you sit like a lump in front of a movie screen for two hours. You also won’t spend money on that bucket of buttery popcorn.

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