3 Things on Your Cellphone Bill That You Pay For and Don’t Need

The problem with our cellphone payments is paying for the stuff we don't use. Here's how to get around that.

3 Things on Your Cellphone Bill That You Pay For and Don’t Need Photo by Nebojsa Markovic / Shutterstock.com

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If you want a good value on your , then be sure you’re paying only for what you use. Here are the most common things people don’t use but are paying for every month.

Unused data — ditch it!

The perfect cellphone plan provides all the — no more, no less. Remember Goldilocks, and shoot for a plan that offers the “just right” amount of data. If you’re using less data than your monthly data allowance, dropping to a lower data tier can easily save you an extra $10-$20 a month on your phone bill.

Savings tip: If you’re not sure of your monthly data usage, you can either check your past cellphone bills or download the free data tracker app,

Compare data plans here: | |

Best cheap low-data plans

Best cheap unlimited-data plans

Unused services — dump them!

Roadside assistance, technical support, additional cloud storage, these are just some of the unused and unwanted “extras” that can drive up our monthly bills and cost us hundreds of dollars a year. What to do? Take a look at your last month’s cellphone bill, repeat the mantra “If you don’t use it, lose it,” and cancel any unused services.

Savings tip: Parents, if you’re paying your carrier extra to set parental controls on your children’s phones, know that most Android and iOS devices come with restriction and basic monitoring options. Also, much third-party software also offers more monitoring options at a lower price.

Phone insurance — not!

If your phone is an older model, it probably isn’t worth the extra $11 (the average monthly fee) for insurance. Also, you may be able to insure your phone under your home insurance policy. If you do choose to purchase phone insurance, be sure you understand what it does and does not cover before you buy.

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