4 Ways You Can Now Enjoy Movies and TV for Free (or Dirt Cheap)

Several companies have unveiled new ways to see your favorite films and TV shows on the cheap.

4 Ways You Can Now Enjoy Movies and TV for Free (or Dirt Cheap) Photo by Asso / Shutterstock.com

If you love great movies and TV shows — and who doesn’t? — you have four new options to get your entertainment for free.

Companies that recently have unveiled free or cheap movie options include:


T-Mobile’s new freebie, formally called “Netflix On Us,” gives you a free subscription to Netflix. It becomes available Sept. 12. If you’re eligible for it, you can activate your free Netflix subscription online, in a store or by calling customer service.

Eligible customers will get a standard Netflix subscription. That normally costs $9.99 a month — about $120 a year. For customers who already have a Netflix subscription, T-Mobile says it will cover the cost of a standard subscription for them. So they will still save $120 a year, too.

Netflix On Us is available to customers with at least two paid voice lines on T-Mobile ONE. This includes customers with free lines from T-Mobile’s “line-on-us” deals.

If you’re on T-Mobile’s “Unlimited 55+” plan or have two lines for $100, you can get Netflix On Us by switching over to the most recent T-Mobile ONE plan.


The same day T-Mobile announced Netflix On Us, a new streaming movie channel called “,” which is also free.

Roku, a company that makes devices that enable you to stream internet-based video content on your TV, explains:

“The Roku Channel channel delivers hundreds of popular movies — at no cost to you. No subscriptions. No fees. No logins required. Just great movies. Choose from an ever-changing selection of award-winners, big screen classics, Hollywood hits you may have missed and much more.”

Of course, you’ll to access this free movie channel. Specifically, you’ll need a current-generation Roku device, meaning one introduced after June 2011. The company says that the Roku Channel will become available through a phased roll-out over the coming weeks.

You’ll also need a mild tolerance for ads. The Roku Channel will have them, although Roku says viewers will experience about half as much advertising per programming hour as they would watching traditional ad-supported TV.


This music-streaming service is offering a new subscription plan called “.” It costs $4.99 a month and comes with access to Hulu, specifically the Hulu Limited Commercials plan — which normally costs $7.99 a month.

This offer is available to students who are at least 18 years old and who are enrolled at a Title IV accredited college or university in the U.S.


If you prefer watching movies in theaters rather than on your phone or TV, MoviePass’ new offer is for you. For details, see “If You Like Movies, This Is the Best Deal You’ll Ever See, Period.”

What’s your favorite way to enjoy movies or TV shows for free or for less? Share with us by commenting below .

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