Free App Helps You Avoid — or Recover From — Identity Theft

This government-funded app puts the power to prevent or react to fraud in your hands.

Free App Helps You Avoid — or Recover From — Identity Theft Photo by Marcos-Mesa-Sam-Wordley /

A new app from a nonprofit organization puts identity theft answers and aid at your fingertips.

The ID Theft Help app was this week by the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). It’s .

The app is free. It was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime.

So, what exactly does it do? ITRC says its app can help you:

  • Determine how vulnerable you are to identity theft.
  • Learn answers to questions and concerns related to identity theft, such as how to protect yourself right after your wallet is stolen, or how to protect yourself while using public Wi-Fi connections.
  • Contact and speak with an identity theft specialist, either via ITRC’s free hotline or live chat online.
  • Search for and save the information of agencies you might need to in the event of identity theft.
  • Track all the details of your case and keep them in one place, should you suspect your identity might have been stolen or realize it was stolen. Such details include notes, s, costs and time spent working on your identity theft case.

ITRC president and CEO Eva Velasquez explains:

“The public is aware of the risks of identity theft, but are left with few free resources to help them should they become a victim. The ITRC’s ID Theft Help app gives users access to this help, as well as a wealth of resources to protect themselves from identity theft, all in a convenient platform.”

The ITRC is not the only organization you can turn to for help fighting identity theft. For example, the , including its , is another resource you can use.

How do you protect yourself from identity theft? Share your tips in the comments below or on .

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