How a Free Money-Saving App Paid Off in 2 Weeks

Once I signed up, this app arranged for me to receive refunds — with no additional effort on my part — by monitoring price changes on my online purchases. Effortless savings.

How a Free Money-Saving App Paid Off in 2 Weeks Photo (cc) by Images_of_Money

It’s rare for me to get excited about an app. But what’s not to love about a free app that lines my pockets with green without me lifting a finger?

I’m talking about Paribus. It’s a free app I signed up for last month, as I wrote in this post. In a nutshell, Paribus monitors users’ online purchasing and item price points, and then it requests refunds on the users’ behalf if the retailer drops the item price — which I’ve found happens often.

I signed up for Paribus in February. The only online purchases I’ve made since then have been on Amazon. In 14 days, Paribus submitted three claims for refunds on items whose prices dropped after I purchased them. The claims were successful, and Paribus was able to get me $12.22 total in refunds. Score! That is money I never would have claimed otherwise because I don’t have time to monitor price fluctuations.

Although the app itself is free, Paribus charges a 25 percent commission on successful claims. The commission is waived on your first deal. You can also get a temporary commission drop if you refer a friend to Paribus.

So, can Paribus save you money on your online shopping purchases? Most likely, yes, if you shop at .

Sign-up is free, quick and easy. But you will need to give Paribus your email address so it can automatically track your purchases. You also need to provide credit card information so, if the app is successful in getting you money back, it can collect its commission.

MORE...about Paribus here.

I love this app. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, and I (and my wallet) are happy that Paribus is on my side, tracking my purchases and making sure I don’t overpay on items.

Have you tried Paribus? Is it an app you’d be interested in? If not, what’s stopping you? Share your comments below or on our .

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