Share Your Views For a Chance to Win $250

Complete this short survey about your experience with credit cards and get in on a drawing for a $250 cash prize.

Share Your Views For a Chance to Win $250 Photo by /

Chances are, you have wielded a credit-card in your life as a consumer. Most of us have. But even if you haven’t, or you gave up plastic, we are interested in your experience.

Answer the questions in from our partner — and get in on our drawing for a $250 prize. The survey is quick and easy, and you may even end up with some unexpected cash. Just be sure to include your information at the end.

That’s it. No strings.

Once the survey results are in, MoneyTalksNews and will share the results so you can see how your credit card usage compares to others. And we will be better able to offer valuable guidance for your financial future.



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