10 Guaranteed Ways to Retire Rich

To accumulate the funds for your golden years is not that hard, but it requires some planning and self-discipline. Read on.

Rule 1: Spend less than you earn

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The formula for retiring rich starts with you actually putting money in the bank. Social Security alone isn’t enough to have you living the good life during your golden years.

Localpizzadeliverywalledlakemi.info founder Stacy Johnson recommends you spend only 90 percent of the money you make and sock away the remaining 10 percent.

If you have zero savings right now, concentrate on building up an emergency fund in a savings account first. Once your rainy-day fund is full, put that 10 percent you’re not spending into a dedicated retirement fund.

If you’re currently spending more than 90 percent of your income each month, you may want to read about how to save $1,000 by summer.


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