9 Great Kid Gifts for $10 or Less

If you have a bunch of kids on your Christmas list, we've got you covered. Here are some cool kid gifts that won't break the bank.

5. Makeup bag

Makeup kitAfrica Studio / Shutterstock.com

For this one, if you aren’t buying for your own daughter, you’ll want to check with the child’s parents first. However, if you get the green light, most girls love the chance to play dress-up, and that includes . Pick up an inexpensive toiletry bag and stuff it with sample-size makeup items. If the girl in your life isn’t quite old enough for makeup, you could include lotions, soaps or other bath items instead.

If you’re buying for a teen, it could be that a gift card for popular makeup chain Sephora is a better bet than guessing on makeup. Check out “7 Beautiful Ways to Save Money at Sephora.”


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