19 Things You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal

You may be surprised by some of the things that will foul up your disposal, bringing a call to the plumber.

Woman with sink full of dishes.Joe Belanger / Shutterstock.com

Garbage disposals often get a bad rap. They’re frequently used as bloody weapons in horror movies. On the TV sitcom “Roseanne,” the title character’s husband, Dan, pretended to get his hand caught in a moving one, complete with fake blood flying.

Some people think we shouldn’t use them. They’re not as common in England, where many compost their food scraps instead. And every so often, a that plumbers advise against running disposals at all.

There’s no doubt that the in-sink grinders can be convenient, time-saving helpers, and many of us would find it tough to get along without them. But they can be sensitive. Many scraps can go into them just fine, but as with any appliance that can require pricey repairs, be careful. Here are 19 items that should never be ground up in a disposal — and three that definitely should.

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