20 Bizarre Job Interview Questions, and How to Answer Them

Have you been caught flat-footed during an interview? Never again! Study these curveball questions before you (or someone you know) gets in an awkward spot.

Production Perig / Shutterstock.com

Just the thought of a job interview can make even the most confident prospective employee nervous. So much is riding on how you answer seemingly random questions asked by people you may never have met before. Will they dig into the technical aspects of the job, making you wish for a calculator and a cheat sheet? Do they prefer those old cliche questions such as “What’s your biggest weakness?” Or do your interviewers subscribe to the wacky logic school of questions, like “Explain why manholes are round”?

While you can’t buy an SAT prep book to prepare for a job interview, here’s the next best thing. We’ve rounded up 20 of the oddest job interview questions, and offered up some tips on how to answer them without breaking into a chorus of “Take This Job and Shove It.”


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