25 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Business

Wouldn't it be great to parlay your passion into profits? It's easier than ever to make that happen.

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Many a professional web designer started out as a self-taught hobbyist who got hooked and thought, “Why not get paid for this?”

It’s just one example of a passion — or obsession — that can be translated into a money-making venture.

Some hobbies that begin as a labor of love may evolve into full-time careers, while others are more likely to provide just supplemental income. Either way, if you can make some cash from an activity you love, it’s a good thing.

If you hope to turn your hobby into a large business or a small one, go at it like a professional. Research your field thoroughly, interview others who do the work to learn how they got started, and make a thorough business plan.

Whatever you do, don’t touch retirement savings to get started. Instead, read “Ask Stacy: Where Do I Find the Money to Start a Business?

Here are 25 hobbies with business potential:

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