32 Great Products That Are Still Made in the USA

Is it still possible to buy American? Not in every case, but here are products — from guitars and boots to motorcycles — that are proudly made right here at home.

Maria Sbytova / Shutterstock.com

Remember when you’d see “Made in the USA” on everything from salad bowls to skirts? Those three magic words are tougher to find now. So many products and parts for the items in our stores are made elsewhere — everywhere from China to Canada.

But let your flag fly high. With a little scouting, it is possible to seek out and buy American-made products — in fact, some of our most cherished brands do their best to make their products in the 50 nifty United States. Here’s a look at 32 of them.

Warning: It’s tough to be 100 percent red, white and blue in the corporate world these days. Some of these companies might outsource parts or use production facilities overseas, but the majority of their products are as all-American as baseball and apple pie.


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