5 Best and 5 Worst Cities for Work Commutes

When you think about quality of life, do you imagine sitting behind the wheel of your car for hours, staring at the bumper in front of you?

LEDOMSTOCK / Shutterstock.com

Most of us have to commute. A lucky few can work from home and just stagger downstairs to the couch, but for the rest of us, it’s cars, or trains, or buses, or bikes, or feet, or some other way of weaving through traffic and battling weather, construction and the million other little headaches that come with getting to work on time.

How that daily trek goes can make a real difference in our quality of life, which is why of average commute times, traffic congestion, and road and bridge conditions in the 150 largest U.S. metro areas to determine the best and worst cities for commuters.

Here’s what they found, starting with the very best city commutes, and ending with the most miserable:


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