5 Steps to Begin Your Journey to Financial Independence

This July Fourth, use the spirit of 1776 as motivation to get your financial life in order. Here's how to get started.

Fourth of July partyrozbyshaka / Shutterstock.com

Precisely 242 years ago, a bunch of ragtag colonists declared their independence from the tyranny of a monarchy across the sea. On July 4, we acknowledge their courage with celebrations all across America.

Many people will enjoy fireworks displays. Others will hit the beach, host a barbecue or simply relax and reflect on how lucky they are to live in such a great nation.

But if you are deeply in debt — or simply on shaky financial ground — you can use the spirit of the holiday as motivation to break free of another type of tyranny: the prison of bad financial decisions.

Following are five changes you can make that will help put you on the path to financial independence.


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