6 Ways to Avoid Spending Too Much at Warehouse Stores

Wholesale stores are designed to encourage us to spend money. Here's how to avoid falling for their tricks of the trade.

4. Beware the deadly FOMO and WWLT

“Fear of missing out,” or FOMO, drives a lot of irrational buying. Knowing that the inventory changes often might cause you to pull the trigger on a purchase even if you’re not sure you want or need it.

Just as bad is WWLT — “Wouldn’t ‘whoever’ love that?” You see the camouflage-printed jammies or the hardback mystery novel that would be perfect for someone in your life. Perhaps, say, yourself.

Come clean: Have you ever gone to Costco for milk, oranges and canned goods and walked out with a trampoline? It happens.

If you’re suddenly eying something you don’t need — or something you want but can’t pay for right now — it’s no bargain.


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