7 Affordable, Top-Rated Spring Cruises

Now's the time to find a bargain cruise for exploration, fitness, relaxation or fun with the kids.

Couple on a cruise ship deck.Michaeljung / Shutterstock.com

Spring’s the time to cruise.

Yes, you’re still recovering from the holidays, working to make up for the time off during the holidays and already thinking about the spring-cleaning ahead.

But put that aside and look at the various cruise-line bargains during this season. Whether you’re a foodie, part of a couple, want to spend time with kids or grandkids, ready for some full-on fitness or just want to see new sights, you’ll find a cruise at a near bargain basement price.

The reason: Many cruise lines reposition their vessels in the spring. Rather than sail empty, they offer low-cost passage from the port where they are currently docked to the new destination. Other cruise lines sell low-cost cruises in the spring because it’s not high season for cruising.

So where to go and on what ship or cruise line? Start by considering these seven cruises recommended by travel experts:


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