7 Steps to Earning Extra Cash by Caring for Pets

Pet sitting or dog walking could be the perfect way for animal lovers to fill their time and their wallet. But remember, it's still a business.

pet sittingJosep Suria / Shutterstock.com

There are many ways to earn extra money on the side these days — like renting out your house or vehicle. There are also ways to make extra cash with a more traditional business model, like providing a service.

Critter care is one service that is always in demand. Whether it’s monitoring a fish tank, feeding a cat or getting a dog out for some exercise, pet owners all need help at some point. And they want to be able to travel without worrying about their furry, feathered or scaled friends.

Plenty of entrepreneurial types have managed to profit by providing pet care, and you can, too. But even though you will get to hang out with cute animals, this is a business and you need to treat it like one if you want it to succeed.

Following are key steps to getting started.


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