8 Ways to Quit Using Credit Cards

Ready to break your plastic habit? Here are eight ways to quit credit cards, or to use them more responsibly.

1. Reduce your credit card limit

Senior credit cardLightField Studios / Shutterstock.com

The bigger the credit card limit, the more room to spend, spend, spend. So, consider voluntarily lowering your credit line.

, a certified financial planner at Main Avenue Financial Services in a Beaverton, Oregon, recommends asking a credit card company to reduce the available credit to a small amount — such as $250 or $500.

“This way, a person has to regularly check their credit card balance, transfer funds from checking to pay it off, and then continue to use it,” he says.

Jamison notes that while the credit card company might be reluctant to reduce your limit, “it can be done in most cases.”

You also need to ask the credit card company to hold your available credit at the new credit limit. If you don’t, the lender might increase the limit over time.


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