8 Ways to Tell Whether It’s Time to Unretire

Not everyone is ready to quit working when they turn 65. Plenty of people need something more — whether that's money, meaning or interaction with colleagues.

Ricardo Reitmeyer / Shutterstock.com

After spending decades in the workplace, retirement may sound attractive, but many people develop second thoughts soon after leaving their jobs.

Just because someone is 65 or older doesn’t mean they’re ready to stop working. Some people miss their workplace colleagues and the income that came with holding a job. They also may discover that it was their profession that gave their life meaning.

“If you’re an energetic person who wants to feel alive, you’re not going to feel happy sitting back and watching TV in retirement,” said Liliane Choney, executive director of , a nonprofit organization that helps seniors live independently.

If you’re motivated and in good health, returning to work may be the right thing to do. What follows are eight ways to tell when it’s time to unretire.


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