America’s 15 Highest-Paid Mayors

Riding herd on a large, complex city is certainly a challenge. But the size of their domain is not all that determines their pay.

City Hall signFeyginFoto /

Running a city can pay more than running an entire state.

Sometimes a lot more: The country’s highest-earning mayor gets more than four times as much as the governor of Maine. (For more on this, see “What the Governor Gets Paid in Every State.”)

Salary size relies on more than city size too.

For instance, the highest-paid mayor in the U.S. presides over a city of about 871,000 souls yet earns almost $124,000 more than the mayor of a Midwest town with only about 10,000 fewer people. (Here’s hoping that mayor at least gets a designated parking space at City Hall.)

Following are 15 of the highest-paid U.S. mayors, in order from lowest to highest salary. You might be as surprised as we were by some of the numbers.

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