How Much Are Those Doggies in the Dog Show? What 20 Top Breeds Cost

This is the month of the Westminster Dog Show, and our look at pricy pooches.

Dog, owner at Westminster Dog Showlev radin /

The big day for canine competition is coming — and it will showcase some of the finest individuals of the finest breeds. The price on pooches that strut their stuff at the may be off the charts — their owners likely paid a premium to the best breeders with the finest lineage.

Before going on, let me just say, I’m a big fan of adopting, not shopping, when it comes to pets. There’s so much to be said for giving a “forever home” to a dog, cat or another animal awaiting adoption at an animal shelter or rescue group.

But suppose you simply admire the traits of a particular breed and you are determined to find the creature of your imagining. This is like shopping for fine jewels of the canine persuasion. We gathered information from the , dog enthusiast sites, rescue groups, breeders’ listings and many other sources to compile a cheat sheet on costs, attributes and lifespans. Here’s what we found:


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