Game of Chance: What People Spend on the Lottery in Your State

Hello desperation. How much are residents in your state shelling out in the hopes of winning the lottery?

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Here at MoneyTalksNews, we’re straight with you about the fact you won’t get rich quick. You’ll get rich one day at a time.

However, not everyone understands that. Some people spend a lot of money – we mean, A LOT – trying to get rich quick by playing the lotto. How much? Earlier this year, for state income from lottery ticket sales in 2015 (the most recent year available) and calculated how much that averages out per resident.

From the frugal folks in the Midwest to the big spenders out East, here’s how much was spent per capita in the 43 states that reported lottery revenue in 2015. Wyoming launched its lotto program in August 2014, but numbers weren’t available for that state.


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