Maxed-Out Americans: Cities With the Heaviest Credit Card Debt

Whether area economies dip or soar, residents of some U.S. cities don't contain their credit card debt.

Couple with credit card, shopping.Kamil Macniak /

U.S. households had more than $1 trillion in outstanding credit card debt as of June, . But that debt is not equally distributed.

Through an analysis of Federal Reserve data, determined the nation’s most “maxed out” cities with the greatest share of residents carrying heavy credit card debt. They factored in the percentage of residents with at least one maxed-out credit card, the average number of maxed-out cards those consumers held and the average rate of credit utilization (the percentage of credit available to an individual that is being used) to create a “maxed out” score.

Here are the 35 cities that Lending Tree found were suffering under the most credit card stress, ending with the city ranked No. 1 or most maxed-out.


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