Name That Ad: Can You ID These 21 Classic Slogans and Jingles?

If you have a TV commercial from your youth stuck in your head, you are not alone! Take our quiz and see if you can name these classic advertising efforts.

Salesman shown on old-fashioned TV set.Ollyy /

Ad jingles and slogans are designed to stick. So if you suddenly find yourself humming “Oh, I’d love to be an Oscar Meyer wiener … ” even though you haven’t seen that commercial for 30 years, or citing an ancient Alka-Seltzer slogan — “Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh, what a relief it is” — you are not alone.

Those old-school commercial jingles and slogans can burrow into your brain more permanently than any algebra formula or state capital list ever could. So, why not embrace it?

Here’s a little quiz to see just how good you are at remembering those ads from the good old days. Are you a slogan smartypants, or did you spend all that TV time outdoors, healthily never watching a commercial in your life? (Even then, you may be surprised … )

For each slogan, identify the product it advertised, then click on to the next slide to see if you’re right. Keep track and give yourself a point for each correct answer — we’ll grade you at the end.

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