New York City on the Cheap: The 50 Best Free Sites to Visit on Your Trip

Here's what you need to see in the Big Apple — and for the most part you can do it yourself, for free or cheap.

5. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Jon Bilous /

Location: On the east side of Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets

There’s something calming about seeing the neo-Gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral — St. Patrick’s — rising above the bustle of Fifth Avenue. The cathedral, which opened in 1879 and continues to function as a house of worship, just The place has an interesting history — and I recommend you before you go. Among other things, you will learn there are eight archbishops of New York buried under the high altar of the church. The cathedral holds 15- Masses each day and has also been the site of many high-profile weddings. One of the most famous was on April 3, 1920, when between Francis Scott (F. Scott) Fitzgerald married Zelda Sayre. The ceremony took place in the adjoining rectory. Look at the to plan your visit.


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