Nutella Taster, Mermaid and 11 Other Strange (but Real) Jobs

For the bored, undecided or adventurous, here are some oddball career paths you may not have considered.

Nagy-Bagoly Arpad /

Everyone’s dream job is different. Some long to travel, others want nothing more than to work from home. Some thrive on working with large groups of people, others like a one-person show.

Some jobs, by their very nature, are so outrageous they almost seem fictional. Although little kids kicking around in a pool may dream of one day becoming a mermaid, some lucky swimmers actually make an occupation of it. And who wouldn’t want to be paid to snack on creamy Nutella or other treats? Turns out, those are jobs, too.

We’re not saying these jobs are currently hiring. But it’s just good to know they’re out there. Everyone needs a dream job to aspire to. Here are 13 unusual, and absolutely real, occupations.

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