21 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Online shopping has changed how we purchase everything. But for many things you're still better off buying the old-fashioned way — in person.

Kite_rin / Shutterstock.com

Online shopping has changed how we purchase everything from books to birthday gifts. It’s so easy to just page through a list of items while stretched out on your couch, and sometimes too easy to hit that “buy it now” button.

Shopping online makes it possible to find that rare signed first-edition book for your dad’s birthday, or wedding invitations that exactly complement your Great Gatsby theme. It can deliver a bulky rug to your door, or send you four pairs of broom ball shoes so you can choose the right size and send the others back.

But online shopping isn’t for everything. Just because you can order a swimming pool online, or a 72-pound bag of dog food, doesn’t mean you should. Obvious factors to consider include shipping costs, ease of returns, reliability of the seller and, of course, cost.

Here’s a look at some items that we think you should probably buy the old-fashioned way — in person.


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