The 25 Best U.S. Cities to Be Your Own Boss

You can certainly start a business anywhere, but these 25 cities make it easier on entrepreneurs.

Svitlana Minazova /

Becoming your own boss, either as a solo freelancer or as an entrepreneur behind a successful startup company, is the dream of many an employee. Not only do you control your own schedule and hours, but your income potential isn’t limited by a department budget or a rating on a performance review. It’s all about your own ability and desire to expand and grow. No one is saying that working for yourself is easy or stress-free — quite the opposite — but the benefits, the autonomy and the pure satisfaction make it worthwhile.

Naturally, you can start your own business anywhere, but certain cities make it easier. A examined 112 US cities with populations above 100,000 to find out which ones offer the best shot at freelance or entrepreneurial success. The group considered such elements as state income-tax rates, Wi-Fi, networking events, coffee shops, co-working space availability and cost of living. If you’re looking to set up shop as your own boss, read on for the top 25 cities for you.


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