The 25 Most Hilariously Bad Business Names Ever

With so many options, how did the people who came up with these company and product names get it so wrong?

raised browsanneberg /

It’s amazing how many bad ideas actually turn into business brands.

These are the company or product names that make you wonder: What were they thinking? Were they high or just clueless? Did the marketing director not have access to an internet search engine, or at least a dictionary?

Just for the fun of it, we pulled together this roster of the worst company names — maybe someone’s late-night ideas that don’t really hold up to the light of day.

Our criteria for this completely subjective list include:

  • Incredibly poor taste
  • Groan-worthy or nausea-inducing puns
  • URL fails

And now, in no particular order, but starting with a name that tops the category of “incredibly poor taste”…


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