The Hardest-Working and Laziest States in the U.S.

A recent study looked at employment rates, work hours per week, volunteer time and other factors to determine which states have the hardest workers. How does your state stack up?

Man at desk working hard, sweatingZouZou /

In some places and professions, people pride themselves on putting in long hours on the job and never taking a vacation. Elsewhere, it’s more about getting the job done and getting out to play. In some economies, no matter what the attitude toward work, there are not enough jobs to go around.

In a recent study, made an effort to quantify where Americans are working the hardest and where they choose to have — or end up with — a lot more slack in their schedules.

Using data from a the site ranked the 50 U.S. states from hardest-working to most leisurely — factoring average hours worked, vacation hours taken, volunteer work, youth idleness, the number of workers with multiple jobs and more. Think your state is among the hardest-working? You may be surprised …


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