What Nurses Earn in Every State

If you're a nurse, you're in a growth industry. Here is a look at how your location will affect the size of your paycheck.

Young women and a man nurse lined up, arms crossed.Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com

This week is — honoring the people who serve on the front lines of health care in the United States. Nurses are often the first people you see during a visit to a doctor’s office and the people you have the most with in a hospital. Their work is tough, but fairly well-compensated, and the industry is growing rapidly.

The U.S. there 2.9 million registered nurses across the country, pulling down an average annual salary of $72,180 per year. But the number varies greatly depending on where the nurse practices — and so does the cost of living in those places.

Here’s , ranked from lowest to highest.


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