Your Own Royal Wedding: 20 Classy Ways to Save on the Big Day

Learn how to marry in style — on a fraction of the budget — from British royal couples past and present.

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Royal weddings — from the Charles and Diana 1981 extravaganza to Kate and William’s elegant 2011 affair (above) — still capture headlines and inspire fashion trends from London to Los Angeles. As American Meghan Markle prepares to wed William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, on May 19, the wedding obsession is about to sweep down the global aisle once again.

But what if you’ve got a wedding to plan yourself and only a fraction of the royal family’s budget? Following are some tips from royal weddings past that even a normal bride and groom can incorporate into their big day. We also learn about a few things royals do that we don’t even want to consider.

Here come the bridal bargains!


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