The 14 Best and Worst Things to Buy In October

Here are seven frightfully good things to buy in October — and another seven that should wait until the ghouls and goblins are gone.

7 things you should wait until Black Friday to buy

Aside from the notable exceptions we mentioned above, November is generally the best time of year to buy almost everything, thanks to Black Friday.


Whether your refrigerator is on the fritz or you just want a flashy new , try and hold out until November to shop home appliances. No other month comes close to offering the quantity or quality of deals we see in the run-up to Black Friday. In fact, 30 percent of all appliance deals listed last November earned our Editors’ Choice mark — that’s compared with the monthly average of around 20 percent.

As ever, and should be your first ports of call. Both stores generally knock up to 40 percent off refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens. You can also expect Editors’ Choice price lows from vacuum heavyweights Hoover and Dyson; the latter knocked up to $300 off its high-tech vacs last Black Friday.


If you’re planning on buying a new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, know that we won’t see any direct discounts on these handsets until November.

The discounts were far from thrilling last year, but we saw the first price drop on a new unlocked iPhone 8 on Cyber Monday, when reputable eBay sellers undercut Apple’s price by around $30. offered the best iPhone 8 deal of the month, as it bundled a $300 gift card with the phone, which was at list price. (This trumped ‘s offer of a $250 gift card.)


Black Friday week always seems to be the best time of year to buy a new laptop. In November 2017, 30 percent of the laptops we listed were Editors’ Choice deals, compared with the 12 percent monthly average that year. Budget-conscious shoppers can expect to see no-nonsense 12-inch Chromebooks fall to $99 at .

Meanwhile, ‘s doorbusters should include 14-inch entry-level builds from $130. Shoppers on the hunt for a heftier machine should find quality builds with dedicated graphics cards and ample SSD storage for around $600 at the likes of , too.


If you don’t listen to any other advice, please heed our words on this: Don’t buy a new TV until Black Friday. Most — if not all — size categories will fall to their best prices of the year. And for the last two years, nearly half of all TV deals listed were hot enough to earn our Editors’ Choice designation — 47 percent of them met the mark last year.

Expect to shop 32-inch units for between $100 and $120 around Black Friday, while 48-inch to 50-inch 4K units should start at just $175 (for those who don’t mind lesser-known brands).


It’s not just TVs and laptops that will reach all-time lows in November. All sorts of electronics — from headphones to speakers to smartwatches — will show up in our Editors’ Choice deal section.

Those on the hunt for a new smartwatch should check the price of Fitbit’s Ionic and Versa models, which are expected to hit $190. Klipsch should host one its best sales of the year, too, as we saw up to 60 percent off in 2017. That made Klipsch a prime spot to shop high-end speakers for hundreds of dollars off list.

Canon generally hosts its best sale of the year around Black Friday, as well, where you can pick up refurbished DSLR cameras and lenses.

In-season apparel

Buying in-season apparel generally goes against our advice. But Black Friday is an exception. Most department and designer stores will host their best sitewide offers of the year come November, including outlets like . (We expect it to knock an extra 30 percent off for the third year running.) and were two of many other stores that also had Editors’ Choice-prices sitewide, which meant you could nab in-season cold-weather apparel at clearance prices.

Gift cards

Whether you’re buying gift cards to cut down costs on your own shopping or you’re stocking up for holiday gifts, know that Black Friday will bring with it the best gift card offers of the year thus far. Not only did we see the best and gift card offers of the year last November, but we also listed the only gift card deal we’ve ever seen.

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