This Free Tool Can Score You a Refund on Flight and Hotel Prices

A new, free service will now hunt for savings on your behalf. Find out how to save on plane tickets and lodging.

This Free Tool Can Score You a Refund on Flight and Hotel Prices Photo by Wollertz /

The college student who shot to fame for helping folks to automatically appeal parking tickets has a new service.

DoNotPay founder Josh Browder has added a new automated service to, . It tries to land you a refund if the price of a flight or hotel room drops after you purchase it. Best of all, the service is available for free.

The website explains:

“Flight and hotel prices change all the time. DoNotPay finds travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. When the price drops, our robot lawyer will find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you.”

Browder, who currently attends Stanford University, tells Business Insider that in the U.S., “there are about 70 different loopholes that will make even the most nonrefundable ticket refundable.”

The service is free, Browder says, because he’s focused on building a “great product” rather than making money.

According to the for the DoNotPay website, its “goal is to level the playing field and make legal help accessible to the most vulnerable in society.”

Be sure to read those terms if you want to try out the service. Using the service requires effectively letting DoNotPay , such as to scan for flight or hotel room receipts so that it can then watch for price drops that could net you a refund.

As the website states, “You authorize DoNotPay to act as your agent in performing the service.”

DoNotPay’s travel price-drop service reminds me of Paribus, an app that tries to get you money back if the price of an item you bought from certain retailers drops within a certain period of time after the purchase. We detailed Paribus in “How a Free Money-Saving App Paid Off in 2 Weeks.”

So, what’s your take on this news? Would you try a service like this? Share your thoughts below or on .

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