Watch This: Why We Can’t Print More Money to Pay Down Debt

The nation is drowning in debt. Watch this video to find out why taking the easy way out would do a lot more harm than good.

Watch This: Why We Can’t Print More Money to Pay Down Debt Photo by razorbeam /

The U.S. debt stands at a staggering $20 trillion … and counting. The nation’s indebtedness is nothing new, and both parties are to blame. In fact, the problem under the last two presidents — President George W. Bush (a Republican) and President Barack Obama (a Democrat).

Today’s situation is sometimes described as a “debt crisis,” and many experts warn that it is undermining the future prosperity of the nation. So, why not just print huge amounts of money, pay down the debt, and be done with it?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. , and you’ll learn why money has no intrinsic value, and is subject to the law of the “Tinkerbell effect.” You’ll also discover why printing too much money can quickly lead to a host of serious problems.

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