What’s Ahead for Stocks, Housing and Oil Prices in 2019?

If you want to know where the economy is headed in the coming year — and how it might affect you — check out predictions in these key sectors.

The performance of stocks, housing and the oil industry are strong indicators of the health of the overall U.S. economy — and how they perform will have an impact on how your finances will fare, for better or worse.

So, to get a handle on what may lie ahead in 2019, let’s take a look at what the experts — and the person on Main Street — say:


Stocks have had a volatile year in 2018. The market, which fell during much of the fourth quarter, is almost certain to end down for the year. What will 2019 bring?

Investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs recently said the stock market will go up about 5 percent in 2019. But our person on the street is expecting much bigger things, predicting a 10 percent rise next year. We’ll find out next December whose crystal ball was more accurate.

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Will we enjoy relatively low prices in 2019?

The Energy Information Administration says oil prices should average around $65 a barrel next year. That would be bad news for drivers everywhere.

However, our person on the street is more optimistic, predicting prices will hold around $50. Is that a solid prediction — or wishful thinking?


In 2018, what had been a red-hot housing market began to show noticeable signs of cooling. Are we headed into another housing ice age? Or, will the market heat up again in 2019?

A Zillow survey of housing experts and economists anticipates a 3.8 percent increase for calendar year 2019. But our person on the street expects a decline of 2 percent.

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So, as you can see, there is a relatively wide gap between the predictions of the experts and our folks on Main Street. Check back next year at this time to see who was right.

If these predictions play out, how will you be affected? Share with us in comments below or on our .

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